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Principal purveyors of metal surface finishing
Bossi s.r.l.
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Company: Bossi s.r.l., Italy
Attn: Sales Dept

For more than 40 years, Bossi has specialised in the production of machines for metal surface finishing. Its range of products includes machines that can solve any problem of grinding, satin-finishing, polishing, and deburring, of any type of ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

Featured in Bossis range are centreless grinding/polishing machines for round tubes and bars, longitudinal brushing/polishing machines for round or shaped tubes, flat grinding/polishing machines for square/rectangular tubes and bars, polishing machines (with table) for large flat surfaces, internal tube polishing machines, tube wrapping machines, brushing planetary machines for TIG, HF and laser lines, and brushing machines for square/rectangular tubes for TIG, HF and laser lines. The company also offer tube external weld bead removal machines for TIG and laser lines, and internal weld bead removal machines for TIG and laser lines.

The companys planetary brushing machines model PL are suitable to work round surfaces of any material, ferrous and non-ferrous, and are generally used for brushing round stainless steel tubes produced with TIG and laser welding systems. The machines operate by dry or wet working, via flap wheels and Scotch-Brite or Tynex brushes, with automatic brush wear compensation. The PL model also has the option of working off-line by adding automatic systems for piece loading/unloading as well as inlet/outlet roller conveyors. Another highlight of the Bossi range is the automatic line for satin-finishing stainless steel tubes branded model CPS 400/3000/6U which is supplied with 6 belt units. The machine has a working capacity from 25 up to 200mm and length from 3,500 up to 8,000mm.

The line is provided with automatic bundle loader, motorised inlet/outlet roller conveyors, automatic unloader and automatic tube wrapping line. With electronic control by PLC for the different functions of the line, including the automatic diameter change, the line includes a system with inverters for stepless adjustment of the feeding speed.

The model RSP 400/3000/2U-200+ orbital brushing unit is an advanced machine for deburring operations on blanked pieces. This machine can remove big burrs due to the first two belt units and one orbital brushing unit which, via its four brushes vertically placed in rotation, is able to completely detach protruding material. The machine can be manufactured with different configurations.

     Tel: 02-946-42-40   Fax: 02-946-62-65
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