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Spiral Welded Pipe Machine SWP 2025 for Skyline
Cagil Makina A.S.
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Cagil Makina A.S., Turkey
Attn: Baki Cagil

PRD-CAGIL has successfully completed
the installation and commissioning of
the SWP 2025 for
Skyline steel Pipe LLC
5 C R 486
Iuka , MS 38852, USA
Phone: 678-792-2193

The contract has been progressed as;

Contract date:
November, 2004
Pre-shipment test:
September, 2005
Ex-Work Delivery:
October, 2005
Arrival of goods to Skyline factory :
3 January,2006
Completion of Mechanical Installation :
23 January,2006
Completion of Hydraulic and Electrical:
27 January, 2006
Start of Test Runs:
30 January, 2006
Start of Commisioning:
6 February, 2006
End of Commissioning and training:
22 February, 2006

Machine has the capacity of making pipes;
from 16" to 120" from 2000mm wide coils
with thickness of 6mm up to 25mm, X80 material

for more information please contact to;

Cagil Makina A.S.
- Address: Ankara yolu
P.K.:47 19001 CORUM, Turkey
- Tel: +90 364 235 01 40
- Fax: +90 364 235 01 39
- Email:
- Contact: Baki Cagil

     Tel: +90 364 2350140   Fax: +90 364 2350139
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