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A suitable bending procedure for every application
Jutec Biegesysteme
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Company: Jutec Biegesysteme, Germany
Attn: Sales dept

Different materials, diameters, angles and applications require a variety of bending processes. The optimum and complete product range of Jutec Biegesysteme GmbH, Germany, comprises of mobile manual benders, versatile roll benders as well as semi-automatic mandrel benders for complex geometries, thus offering the appropriate machine for every requirement.

In the field of mandrel bending, suitable for difficult bending tasks with smallest bending radii, Jutec offers the basic mandrel bender (4800), the semi-automatic mandrel bending system (5000), and the powerful mandrel bending machine (8000).

The mandrel bender 4800 offers eco-friendly bending possibilities with eccentric high-speed clamping, pluggable bending tools, re-equipment for right or left-hand bending and a software-controlled processing of complex geometries. The semi-automatic bending system 5000 allows shorter bending times by hydraulic tube clamping.

The electro-mechanically driven mandrel bending machine 8000 can process tubes of up to 80mm diameter. As with the 5000 bending model, it is equipped with numerous intelligent options such as an electronic measuring unit, position and torsion monitoring SPS-control and serial interface. Furthermore, both systems feature a material database with up to 100 materials (automatic over-bending).

The versatile roll bending machine with universal set of rolls branded Jutec RB60 allows an operator to bend tubes and profiles in the most varied of ways. Slopes for spirals and spiral staircases can be manufactured easily and swiftly by means of a stroke roll with adjustable radius and digital meter.

The mobile bending machines Jutec 3000 and 6000 offer an economic and user-friendly solution for mounting works. The high-speed tool change ensures short set-up and takedown times as well as high productivity. The Jutec glide shoe system also allows crease-free bending of thin-walled tubes.

     Tel: +49 6431/9349-0   Fax: +49 6431/9349-25
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