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How to save Copper
MRB Schumag Ltd
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Company: MRB Schumag Ltd, United Kingdom
Attn: Mr David Liddle

World Renowned Copper Tube Spinner Block Supplier MRB Schumag Ltd. of the UK, once again leads the way with innovative technology for the high volume copper tube producers.

Following on from the companys revolutionary machine launch last year, the company has taken the advances in diebox technology to another level by designing and marketing a retrofit for existing machinery.

David Liddle, Sales & Marketing Manager commented, In these times of costly raw material, all emphasis is on producing copper tubes within precise tolerances. We are confident that with the proven data available, the retrofitting of the diebox offers significant benefit to our customer base, with minimal investment on their part.

The averaged results from one application is seen in the graph below and once again, David Liddle commented These results were carried out in conjunction with a high profile key customer, whereby within 3 weeks of installation of the first unit, that organisation took a decision to replace all of the existing units within their facility.

The diebox assembly itself completely replaces the existing unit and allows for fully controlled diebox movement, with the aim being to reduce the extent of undue and unnecessary forces on the tube, during the draw process, throughout all passes.

The concept started approximately 2 years ago and the company have carefully released the idea into the market place, working closely with a key customer. Following successful testing and trials, the product is now being marketed on a global basis. The company has recently installed a number of applications, with ongoing orders for several of the major copper tube producers.

In addition, a show model is being prepared for display purposes at The International Tube And Pipe Trade Fair at the Messe Dusseldorf, between 24.04.2006 and 28.04.2006 where visitors are more than welcome to view the system on Stand 9A24.

David Liddle further stated, This is one of many ideas where the companys core focus and competence is illustrated yet again. Furthermore, we firmly believe the only way forward is to innovate by carefully understanding and meeting our customers needs.

For further information, please visit

     Tel: 0044 (0) 1388 771300   Fax: 0044 (0) 1388 771340
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