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New Product: Jobsite Tube Expander, Retubing & Repairs
Airmo Inc., Pressure Technologies
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Company: Airmo Inc., Pressure Technologies, MN, United States
Attn: Chris Ruch

Jobsite Jack-in-the-Box for Tube Expansion Designed for Boiler Retubing and Heat Exchanger Repair Airmo engineers have developed a portable pressure system that makes boiler retubing easy and fast. Just insert the new tube into the damaged one, slide the tooling on and let er rip. The tooling automatically grips the tube on each end and expands the tube hydrostatically, forming a steam tight bond. Heat exchanger repair and testing is easy, too

The unit is available with a working pressure from 6,000 to 30,000 psi is vibration isolation mounted in a lockable steel case, with casters.

The chest is only 30 wide, so access through doorways is easy. All connections are made with quick disconnect couplings for fast setup and teardown.

No electrical power is needed. The system runs off of an available water source and up to 100 psi shop air. The gauges on the flip up panel are easy to read (figure 4) and the hand held operator control pendant (figure 5) is ergonomically designed and easy to use.

The system is compatible with a number of tools that Airmo manufactures, so the system can be used for tube expansion or hydrostatic testing or tubing, pipes, or pressure vessels.

If you prefer, the system can be mounted on casters without the protective chest with a simple screen surrounding the cage.

Please call us with any questions you may have. Thanks.

     Tel: 763-7860000   Fax: 763-7864622
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