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Bronx Taylor Wilson New Straightening machine for Corus UK
Bronx Taylor Wilson
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Bronx Taylor Wilson, UK
Attn: Scott Miller

Bronx Taylor Wilson New Straightening machine for Corus in the UK

Bronx/Taylor-Wilson, West Midlands, UK and North Canton, Ohio, USA has recently secured an order for a new Bronx 10.CR.6 multi cross-roll tube straightening installation from one of the leaders in tube manufacturing, Corus. The machine will be supplied to Corus as part of a new, fully automated finishing line for its new cold draw plant at Corby. The straightening machine and finishing line of which it forms part is at the forefront of modern technology and automation, the first of its type in any European tube making facility. This equipment will process cold drawn steel tube with an outside diameter ranging from 20 mm to 145 mm, and wall thickness up to 12 mm. Designed to accommodate a particularly broad range of tubes, Bronx/Taylor-Wilsons 10 roll design can straighten to the most stringent of tolerances at variable speeds in excess of 120 meters per minute. The timescale for completion of the machine and complete function testing and installation and commissioning is scheduled for August 2006

The Bronx/Taylor-Wilson ten roll straightening machine is based upon the same principles as the six roll machine, but incorporating the multiple bending moment feature. This gives greatly improved straightness due to the increased number of plastic bending cycles. From experience with the ten roll machine's performance, it has been noted that there is considerable increase in the consistency of degree of straightness, particularly on the more badly bent and generally difficult materials. This clearly is a function of the additional number of plastic cyclic deflections which occur. The leading and trailing ends of the tubes can be straightened more effectively, due to the facility for additional pressure straightening.

The Bronx/Taylor-Wilson ten roll machines have vertical adjustment on all top rolls and numbers 2, 3 and 4 bottom rolls. This allows the straightening machine to apply a more gentle deflection to the tube by deflecting or bending the material over three or four roll centre distances instead of two as on the six roll machine. This design results in the straightening operation having a minimum effect on the physical and mechanical properties of the material.

The straightening installation will be controlled by Bronx/Taylor-Wilsons patented COMPASS Computer Aided Setting System which utilises the very latest in industrial electrical and electronic technology to provide the customer with consistently high quality product and throughput capacity with the added benefit that machine set up times for a size change have now been reduced to less than 3 minutes.

Bronx/Taylor-Wilson is a leading manufacturer of finishing equipment solutions. The companys product offering includes tube, pipe, bar and section straighteners, hydrostatic pipe testing machines, rotary cut-off and end facing equipment, collapse testing machines, material handling equipment and other ancillary finishing equipment.

Tube Dusseldorf Stand B49 Hall 4

     Tel: +44 (0)874422686   Fax: +44 (0)8704422989
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