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Thermatool: First Alpha TRC-3008 Dieset
Thermatool Corp.
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Company: Thermatool Corp., CT, United States
Attn: Robert J. Doran, V.P. Sales

Thermatool has announced the successful start-up of its first new improved ALPHA TRC-3008 3 inch Double Cut Dieset at a major exhaust tube producer in the U.S.

The new dieset was initially cutting 2 inch O.D. (63.5 mm) O.D. by .070 inch (1.8 mm) wall 409 Stainless Steel tubing in 5 foot (1.52 meter) lengths at a mill speed of 160 feet (49 meters) per minute, with a significant increase in end cut quality. The new TRC-3008 dieset features a patented geared crosscut motion with softer cam angles, continuous internal lubrication of all critical die components, and a new crosscut blade design in a new material and coating. This rugged dieset is ideally suited for cutting stainless steel and other difficult to cut products. The new design also eliminates previous high wear parts, resulting in extended dieset component life, increased uptime, reduced maintenance and up to a five times increase in blade life.

Thermatool advises that existing ALPHA TRC-3007 diesets can be upgraded or replaced, and that the new TRC-3008 dieset can also replace most existing TRC-3004, 3005 and 3006 diesets.

For more information on how the ALPHA TRC-3008 dieset can benefit you, please contact Thermatool Corp., 31 Commerce Street, East Haven, CT 06512. Tel: (203) 468-4100; Fax: (203) 468-4281; E-mail: or Thermatool Europe Ltd., Thermatool House, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke, Hants, RG24 8NA, England, (Tel: +44 01256 335 533) or email to:

Thermatool is part of the Inductotherm Group, Rancocas, New Jersey, U.S.A.

     Tel: 203-468-4100   Fax: 203-468-4281
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