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Turner develops new range of 10 roll precision straighteners
Turner Machine Company
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Company: Turner Machine Company, OH, United States
Attn: Roy Page ext 112

Turner Machine Company, Inc. based in Salem, Ohio, USA has developed a new range of 10 roll precision tube straightening machines. They are based upon the well proven 6 roll 900 series which has a large user base.
This new development maintains the excellent 900 series roll geometry which have long profile rolls set at very close center distances.

Turner has been a mainstream builder of 10 roll tube straightening machines since it acquired the Wyko England range of products in 1994. Ongoing development of this range continues apace.

This new range of smaller machines configured with 10 rolls covers tube sizes up to about 2 1/4 [57 mm] tube outside diameter. The 10 roll models available are:

ModelTube OD Capacity [Inches]
912/101/16 to5/16
914/101/8 to5/8
920/101/4to1 1/4
922/105/16to1 3/4"
924/103/8to2 1/4

These machines are fitted as standard with mechanical digital roll position indicators and can be supplied with the Turner CASAM computer setting system.

The roll geometry allows each machine to straighten smaller diameter tubes due to the lower deflection values required by the roll center distances.
The 10 roll machines use rolls and support bearings common to those of the 6 roll units.

Straightness tolerances are improved by a factor of 2.5 over those achieved in a 6 roll machine. A further significant advantage is the improvement of tube ovality by the straightening process. This ovality improvement enables a tolerance of 0.001 to be achieved in most tube materials.

Adding the CASAM system to the machine takes away the pain and strain of the setting process and ensures that tube straightness and ovality are maintained from tube batch to tube batch.

A model 922 10 roll machine equipped with the CASAM I computer setting system is shown in the photograph.

     Tel: 330 332 5821 ext 112   Fax: 330 332 5871
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