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High Performance Solution to Tube Cutting
Tube Tech Machinery Srl
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Company: Tube Tech Machinery Srl, Italy
Attn: Sales Dept

Newly established Italian company, Tube Tech
Machinery, have designed and manufactured a
seminal tube cutting machine, branded Speedfly5.
The machine represents a huge advancement
in this field, and not singularly because it
enables the flying cut off tubes, which increases
automation and processing speed. The Speedfly5
provides a range of operational benefits and
pioneering technical advantages.Traditional
cutting systems operate in a line (ie disk saw and
bandsaw), are noisy and require emulsified water
and constant maintenance.The tools often break and
their replacement slows down the working process.
The finishing is not perfect, and flashes and
swarf must be removed. Moreover, when processing
stainless steel tubes, the speed of the line is
remarkably slowed by the long cutting time. Due
to laser technology, the Speedfly5 eliminates all
such problems and substantially reduces cutting
time. Tube Tech Machinery also offer solutions to
cope with the requirements of out of line cutting
- with models including the FL200, FL300 and FL600 -
The FL200 can process tubes with a diameter from
20-219mm, the FL300 can accommodate tubes with a
diameter from 40-355mm, and the FL600 is for tubes
with a diameter from 80-610mm.

These machines are designed to be quick and flexible
and their performances can be set according to user

Tubes can be loaded from the bundle or by chain
according to the different profiles. All machines
are equipped with 3D-laser head and excellent
quality components.

     Tel: +39 30 7256311   Fax: +39 30 7256333
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