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BSS champions Hayward in case for plastics
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Company: BSS, United Kingdom
Attn: Cara Hastings

As one of the UKs leading distributors of pipeline and valve equipment to the industrial process markets and long-term supporter of the development of plastic products, BSS is maintained as the exclusive distributor for Hayward plastic valves and process control products.

Plastics are often the materials of choice for systems that were traditionally designed in metal. Plastic valves and components have a high resistance to corrosion and will not scale, rust, leach out or contaminate sensitive fluids. Furthermore, as non-conductors, they are immune to electrolytic and galvanic corrosion.

Hayward Flow Control Systems offers a wide range of products catering for all areas within the industrial process markets. The comprehensive range includes quarter turn valves, 3-way ball valves, check valves, PVC pressure regulators, PVC pressure relief valves, diaphragm valves, control ball valves, strainers, PVC, CPVC and PP bulkhead fittings, PVC vacuum breakers and PVC universal stopcocks.

For the end-user the benefits of plastics are far-reaching. Hayward PVC and CPVC products are suitable for use with potable water and are consistent with NSF standards. The plastic valves and process control products are immune to corrosion and will outlast most metal valves providing years of maintenance-free service. They have low thermal conductivity leading to heat loss or gain being greatly reduced and as a result pipe insulation is rarely required.

Hayward plastic valves are easy to install and result in reduced handling, labour and installation costs and are energy efficient. It takes about half the energy to produce a Hayward plastic valve as it does to produce a comparably sized metal one.

With sales of certain plastic products increasing by more than 50% over the last year, many customers are clearly beginning to appreciate their benefits compared with more traditional materials. In response to a high level of demand for plastics BSS has recently produced its first guide to help customers choose the most appropriate ranges for their particular requirements.

A wide selection of ABS, polybutylene, PVC-C, PVC-U, PVDV and polypropylene products from leading suppliers including Hayward, George Fischer, Glynwed, Geberit and Tectite, together with BSS own BOSS PVC-U and ABS ranges provide customers with the widest possible choice.

The guide outlines which products are best suited to individual applications with an easy to understand chart of the chemical resistance of plastics and elastomers used in pipeline construction.

Other sections of the guide provide invaluable information for customers who are uncertain about aspects of working with plastic products, such as the appropriate jointing techniques for each type of plastic, advice on expansion and contraction, and pipe bracket spacing and supporting pipelines.

For more information about Hayward plastic valves and process products and BSS extensive range of plastic products or to request a copy of the BSS Plastics Product Guide, contact BSS Flow Control Solutions' National Project Office on 0161 888 6400 or visit the company website on

Hayward Flow Control Systems offers a wide range of products catering for all areas within the industrial process markets including 1" to 24" Butterfly Valves

     Tel: 0121 702 2220   Fax: 0121 702 2742
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