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Kocks Tube Technology for Seamless Tube Mill in Kazakhstan
Kocks (Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG)
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Company: Kocks (Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG), Germany
Attn: Jorg von der Heiden

Recently founded Danieli Centro Tube [DCT] / Italy received the first order for the supply of a complete seamless tube plant from the BKV Group LPP, which is located in Kazakhstan. This new 270,000 t/a tube mill will be installed in the Pavlodar region in the North of Kazakhstan in existing bays and will produce seamless tubes within a diameter range of 60.3 to 277.2 mm in accordance with International standards such as GOST, API, etc. These tubes will be used in the gas and oil industry.

DANIELI Centro Tube and FRIEDRICH KOCKS GmbH & Co KG in Hilden / Germany concluded a cooperation agreement, which stipulates general, exclusive, mutual marketing and co-manufacturing terms in the field of seamless tube production similar to their current agreement for bar mills, under which Danieli and Kocks have successfully operated for several years.

Within the scope of this order, KOCKS will be responsible for the process, design, supply and commissioning of the extractor and the Stretch Reducing Block [SRB], both based on the "Star Drive" design and equipped with 3-roll stands. The 24stand SRB will be designed for the simultaneous operation of both 500 mm and 360 mm stands, which can be non-adjustable as well as adjustable. Important characteristics are the quick stand changing system, the in-line remote controlled pass adjustment for the adjustable stands as well as the roll shop with quick roll changing system, similar to the well-known 3-roll Reducing & Sizing Blocks [RSB].

The process automation systems and the TUMICON-System, which consists of various components totally developed by KOCKS are also part of the scope of supply. One portion is the computer program TUMICON for the calculation of the pass design and optimum setup values (e.g. motor speed) as well as a management tool for rolls and stands. The TEC-BOX, as another component, is a highly dynamic open and closed loop system for quality optimization with the functions AWC for wall thickness control and HEC for minimization of heavy ends. These components are completed by the INSPECT-System, which visualizes the technological controls of the TEC-BOX as well as measured values from the rolling mill (wall thickness, heavy ends, etc.).

Commissioning is scheduled for 2006.

     Tel: +49 - 2103 - 790 151   Fax: +49 - 2103 - 540 28
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