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Reaffirmed Confidence in the RSB Technology
Kocks (Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG)
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Kocks (Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG), Germany
Attn: Joerg von der Heiden

In April 2005 italian based Rodacciai SPA with head office in bosisio parini placed an order for a second 3-roll reducing & sizing block [rsb] for its special steel rolling mill in sirone / italy. The order will be carried out by Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG, Hilden / Germany together with Danieli Morgardshammar, Buttrio / Italy.

Another RSB equipped with three stand positions has been operating successfully at the same plant since the end of 1999 rolling large round and hexagonal finished sizes. The advantages of this 370 mm block with regard to quality, economic viability and market demands combined with the positive experience gained with the 3-roll technology induced rodacciai to making this decision.

Due to its compact design the new 5-stand 215 mm block will replace four existing 2-high stands downstream the existing 3-roll block. The rsb will act as finishing block for bar in coils and as pre-finishing mill it will produce the feeders for the existing wire rod block. Finished products will be 14.0 to 24.0 mm quality round bars and equivalent hexagons in carbon and stainless steel grades.

The possibility of rolling finished sizes in any required sequence with the reducing & sizing block (so-called "chance free" rolling) increases the flexibility of the whole plant considerably. This flexibility is supported by the quick, automatic stand changing system, the pass and guide remote adjustment together with the quick roll ring change and the computer-aided adjustment of stands and guides in the roll shop.

The new 5-stand 215 mm RSB will allow rolling from a one pass family in the roughing and intermediate mill and will reduce the number of entry-sections considerably. The whole dimensional range is rolled with a minimum number of roll sets and correspondingly fewer stand changes. It is important to note that a very large diameter range ("free-size" rolling) of up to 3 mm can be rolled with one and the same pass at the closest tolerances. The corresponding setting values for motor speed, rolls and guides as well as gear steps are calculated by the configuration program bamicon, which has been developed for this purpose, depending on the required final product. This guarantees trouble-free and economic production of high-quality steel bars.

Commissioning is scheduled for the second quarter of 2006.

     Tel: +49 - 2103 - 790 151   Fax: +49 - 2103 - 540 28
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