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Third 3-roll Reducing & Sizing Block for China
Kocks (Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG)
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Kocks (Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG), Germany
Attn: Joerg von der Heiden

Having already two other Reducing & Sizing Blocks [RSB] operating in China at Daye Special Steel and Huangshi and at Baosteel Shanghai No. 5, Shanghai now Jiangyin Xing Cheng Special Steel in Jiangyin, Hunan Province has also decided to install a Reducing & Sizing Block [RSB] of Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG, Hilden / Germany because of the characteristic advantages of the 3-roll technology. The order will be executed together with Danieli & C., Buttrio / Italy, being the main contractor as well as with the newly formed Danieli Metallurgical Equipment CO. [DME], Beijing / China.

The 5-stand 370 mm Reducing & Sizing Block of heavy duty design will be integrated as finishing block in the completely new 500,000 tpy bar and wire rod mill downstream of stand No. 18. The 3-roll block will produce round bars with a dimensional range of 15 to 60 mm in straight lengths on to the cooling bed.

An extended "free-size" range of up to 1.5 mm from the nominal size allows rolling of a variety of sizes with tightest tolerances only by adjusting stands and guides via remote control. This adjustment is done during a billet gap within max. 1 minute. Also, a quick stand changing system utilized whenever the finished dimensions exceed the "free-size" range makes this operation possible in less than 5 minutes. Therefore, any size can be rolled without any restrictions with regards to availability of the complete mill by using a minimum number of roll sets and stand changes.

Furthermore, the Reducing & Sizing Block significantly reduces the required number of pre-sections in the roughing and intermediate mill and thus makes it possible to operate with a one pass family in the upstream mill in a simple way. Layout and design of the block including the respective pass design in addition allow for thermo-mechanical rolling, which is very important for modern state-of-the-art bar mills.

The 3-roll technology was selected to be the best option because of meeting the objectives of "free-size" rolling for the production of highly toleranced finished diameters while reducing changing times, thus improving at the same time product quality, mill efficiency and market flexibility as required by the automotive industry.

The installation of the new KOCKS 3-roll Reducing & Sizing Block is scheduled for the summer of 2006.

     Tel: +49 - 2103 - 790 151   Fax: +49 - 2103 - 540 28
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