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Haven Manufacturing Expands Website
Haven Manufacturing Corp.
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Haven Manufacturing Corp., GA, United States
Attn: Alec Banish

Haven Manufacturing Corporation has enhanced and expanded their website of tube cutoff and related tube fabricating machinery at

The expanded website includes several recently introduced models of machinery: the "Kleencut" line of supported shear cutoff machines, a new endfinishing machine for small diameters, and new Model #874 dual-blade shear cutoff machine and several new models of 100% in-line tube length and ovality inspection machines.

New to the website is a page detailing tooling, spare parts and machine rebuilds. Genuine OEM / Haven tooling is available for all makes and models of Haven machines. Additionally Haven stocks a wide range of spare parts and has preferred buyer access to all other parts. For our Models 871,872 and 873 cutting machines a free loaner program is available to keep you machine running while your cutting head is being rebuilt. Full details are available on the website.

     Tel: 912.265.7536   Fax: 912.264.9001
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