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Bronx win orders for API pipe straighteners in China & CIS
Bronx Taylor Wilson
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Bronx Taylor Wilson, UK
Attn: Scott Miller

Bronx International Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply pipe finishing equipment for a new seamless pipe plant to be installed in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan as part of a facility for the production of 270,000 tonnes/year of seamless oil industry pipe.

The equipment to be supplied by Bronx International comprises two heavy duty tube straightening machines, together with two hydrostatic pipe testing installations suitable for API quality pipe up to 13-5/8" outside diameter. The equipment will be able to offer test pressures up to 130MPa and the pipe qualities tested will be up to an API standard Q125. The lines will operate within the Quality Assurance and Heat Treatment sections of the mill and will include all associated inlet and outlet handling equipment.

The initial straightener destined for the Quality Assurance line will be a 6.CR.11 the third machine of this size to be supplied by Bronx in two years. To cope with the particularly arduous conditions within the Heat Treatment line, Bronx International is supplying a large heavy duty ten roll machine which will be designed to straighten high grade API seamless pipe at temperatures between 450C and 650C. The complete project is scheduled for start up in 2006

Bronx has recently received a delegation from the Baosteel company of Shanghai, China, for inspection of their 6CR11 Heavy duty tube straightening machine. The Baosteel machine, which has hydraulic quick opening facility on all three pairs of work rolls, has now been shipped for installation and start up later this year. The hydraulic quick opening facility can be used to protect the leading ends of tubes as they are processed and also to enable tubes with upset ends to be straightened to the highest standard.

Within a month of completing the build of a 6.CR.11 Heavy Duty tube straightener for Baosteel, Bronx/Taylor-Wilson has concluded a contract for a second line of this size with Vyksa Steel Works in Russia. Although the machine will primarily straighten API grade pipes from 114 to 465 mm diameter with wall thicknesses varying from 4.8 to 12.7 mm, the equipment will also have the capability to process larger diameters.

The scope of supply includes feed and discharge equipment to ensure the safe and efficient handling of pipes before and after the machine, variable speed electrical equipment and the "COMPASS" computerised machine setting system. This means that a size change from minimum diameter to maximum diameter would only take in the region of 3 minutes to achieve. The tube straightening line is scheduled for installation and commissioning in Russia in early 2006.

Bronx/Taylor-Wilson is currently processing an order for bar straightening equipment for Macsteel Monroe in the USA. The contract signed earlier this year includes two size PBRV6 machines which will be up and running in early 2006 straightening hot rolled round steel bars from 20mm to 90mm diameter. Maximum line speed will be over 80 metres per minute to cope with production requirements and inlet and outlet handling equipment will be supplied to process lengths from 3m to 10m. Equipment setting and consistent straightness accuracy will be accomplished with the aid of the Bronx/Taylor-Wilson "COMPASS" computerised setting system. The project is being handled jointly by the North American and European offices of Bronx International Inc. The design of the equipment is based on the established two roll principle of bar straightening with the machine incorporating several features developed on a line built recently for Korea.

Bronx Taylor Wilson shall be participating at both Tube Singapore (4A06) and Fabtech, at this time, the staff manning the stands will be happy to discuss these projects in greater depth.

     Tel: +44 (0)0874422686   Fax: +44 (0)8704422989
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