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Gem acquires Lindsay
Gem Tool Corp.
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Gem Tool Corp., WI, United States
Attn: John Masloroff

Gem Tool Corporation is a leading supplier of the tube and pipe I.D. and O.D. scarfing industry. They have the finest in metal cutting tools. For over 30 years, this company has been dedicated to excellent workmanship, competitive pricing, and on time deliveries. All tools are performance guaranteed, and can be adapted to your present system.

Presently Gem Tool Corporation manufacturers I.D./O.D. scarfing rings and inserts, negative rake inserts, end-prep tools and cut-off blades. In addition, the company also offers sharpening services for these products.

Recently, Gem Tool Corporation purchased Lindsay Cutting Tools Company of Portland, Oregon. The purchase included manufacturing rights, inventory, and all work in progress.

The line has been proven in mining, automotive and aerospace industries across North America. The insert holding designs are functional, time tested and efficient. Versatile designs in modular milling areas allow us to offer eighteen different geometry nests for the one milling body from stock.

The M-series uses negative, positive and hi-positive rake designs with lead angles varying from 0-45 degrees. The modular design allows the user to fine-tune the adjustable nests for increased surface finish. Milling cutter diameters ranges from 2-10. LCT also offers the LD-series; the line of high performance low cost end mills. Sizes on these tools range from -2 diameter and are available with 0 60 degree lead angles. All of the tools in the Lindsay line of cutters use industry standard inserts and are readily available from stock.

Lindsay Cutting Tools, a product of GTC, are 100% manufactured in the United States. The company has the capabilities to design and manufacture indexable tools made to your specifications. For your convenience, these items are traditionally in stock for immediate shipment.

Gem Tool Corporation
914 Columbia Avenue
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
Phone: 1-800-228-4366
Fax: 1-414-762-0615

     Tel: 1-800-228-4366   Fax: 1-414-762-0615
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