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Horn - Unison Alliance
Horn Machine Tools,inc
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Horn Machine Tools,inc, CA, United States
Attn: Kent Horn

Horn Machine Tools, Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of an alliance with Unison.

Unison of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK has appointed Horn Machine Tools, Inc. as exclusive distributor for the entire Unison product line in North America.

Horn Machine Tools, Inc with locations in Madera, Ca. and indianapolis, In. will sell and service the product line along with its existing product line of Horn rotary draw tube bending equipment.

According to HMT president Kent Horn, "The Unison products which include all electric CNC tube benders, robotic work cells and tube cleaning machines along with the product line of

HMT hydraulic/electric tube benders are a natural fit. The two companies complement each other in every way and we now have the most diversified tube bending product offering of any company in North America."

"Unison is the original innovator of all electric cnc bending technology" Mr. Horn adds.

Alan Pickering, Managing Director at Unison says "The advantages of this technology, especially in the high value, low production run environment such as the Aerospace industry are huge. We see the alliance with Horn Machine Tools as the perfect fit. With their network of sales, technical know-how and support we can now offer a much higher level of service for customers."

Unison has developed bender software and control systems for over 30 years and developed their line of 10mm to 150mm single and multi-stack all electric CNC tube benders over the last 10 years. They have installations of CNC benders and integrated work cells for Aerospace and Automotive companies throughout Europe and North America.

To learn more about the Unison product line, please visit their website:

     Tel: 559-431-4131   Fax: 559-431-4431
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