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Versatile Pipe Inspection Software Developed By PITCO
Scan Systems Corporation
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Company: Scan Systems Corporation, TX, United States
Attn: David Steely

PITCO, a division of Scan Systems Corporation, has announced the introduction of DIGI-PRO EMI software for the pipe inspection industry. The software is designed to be either an integral part of companys family of DIGI-TECH EMI inspection equipment or a digital conversion kit for existing analog EMI inspection units.

When installed as a conversion kit, DIGI-PRO converts the analog signal received from the standard search-coil inspection shoe into digital format. The signal is digitally processed by PITCOs proprietary SIMKARDZ technology. SIMKARDZ amplifies, filters and buffers the incoming signal and DIGI-PRO displays the real-time inspection progression on a computer monitor. The operator, at any point in any inspection station, can stop the pipe conveyor system, reverse the action, and the DIGI-PRO chart will display the actual position and condition of the pipe at any given position.

The operator controls the inspection at a console, which includes the computer, monitor and electronic control panel. As flaw indications are detected by DIGI-PRO that exceed accepted standards (thresholds), the operator is alerted with visual and audible alarms. With a click of the mouse, flaws can be pinpointed to within a few inches allowing inspectors to prove-up the indications much faster than before.

The one-screen presentation allows the operator to watch all inspection points as the pipe passes through each station. An optical encoder system automatically initiates the inspection of each joint of pipe as it enters the first inspection point and records the total length of the joint as it exits the last inspection point. DIGI-PRO is able to pinpoint flaws with the aid of the encoder measuring system which identifies the linear position on pipe where a flaw or indication is found. An incorporated automatic paint marking system visually marks the joint for additional interrogation after it has passed through the unit.

Equipment calibration is more streamlined with DIGI-PRO. Calibration for each size, weight, wall and grade is stored in the database from previous inspection runs. With each new job, the operator chooses from the exclusive Cal-Mem feature that stores previously saved set-ups or creates a one-time entry. The software has recorded the last calibrated condition of all inspection assemblies of previous jobs. This allows minimal set-up time when returning to a configuration the software already recognizes. Time normally associated with changing the inspection head, verifying setting and running a test calibration joint are significantly reduced with the aid of DIGI-PRO.

All information accumulated during inspection is recorded in DIGI-PROs database. This eliminates expensive paper strip charts, condenses storage to a digital file, and provides more information on automatically generated reports. Reports can be printed or transmitted electronically.

The DIGI-TECH EMI family of products, of which DIGI-PRO is the operating software, completely eliminate the current industry standard, gamma radiation inspection method, with total magnetic flux reading of the magnetic properties of the pipe. This technology provides a 360o, 100% coverage of the pipe wall at any specific area on the length of the pipe. Traditional use of gamma radiation to establish wall thickness only covers a loose spiral ribbon-like (similar to a barber pole) inspection of area along the pipes length and is only a sampling of the wall thickness at any given point.
DIGI-PRO, for the inspection of longitudinal and transverse flaws, receives digitized signals from measurements of the pipes magnetic field from sensitive transducers composed of printed circuit coils and Hall-effect devices.
These signals are processed with PITCOs exclusive SIMCARDZ technology, a series of virtual circuit boards with high gain amplifiers, a voltage regulator, and offset cancellation circuitry that includes an oscillator, stabilization circuitry, and differential filter capacitors.
DIGI-PRO, when installed with a complete DIGI-TECH unit, increases the sensitivity reading of the signal, providing a faster speed per minute of actual inspection than with traditional EMI and full-body untrasonic inspection technologies.
The current DIGI-TECH equipment is designed to inspect material with minimum outside diameter of 1.315 (33.4mm) to 14 (355.60mm). It has a wall thickness range from 0.125 (3.175mm) through 0.700 (17.6mm). PITCOs engineers anticipate the equipment to operate successfully beyond its current marketed specifications when on-going tests help further expand the DIGI-TECH parameters.
More information on DIGI-PRO and DIGI-TECH can be found on Scan Systems web pages at Scan Systems is located at 14424 Interdrive West, Houston Texas 77032 USA. The telephone number is (281) 219-9480 x 110 in Houston or call Bob Leslie at (432) 362-9448 in Odessa, TX USA.

     Tel: (281) 219-9480 ext 113   Fax: (281) 219-2317
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