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Coil Joining Technologies delivers gauge control system
Coil Joining Technologies
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Coil Joining Technologies, OH, United States
Attn: Bud Graham

Allied Tube of Philadelphia orders a new In-Line Gauge Control System from Coil Joining Technologies and Intergrated Industrial Systems (I2S). The new system will incorporate a new entry system consisting of a 15,000-pound Double Uncoiler, Offline Prepeel system, Power Outboard Coil Retainer and a special self-threading Coil End Joining system. The In-Line Gauge control system will be capable of 575,00 pounds of separating force at speeds to 500 feet per minute for tube wall thickness to 0.250 inch.

The In-Line Gauge Control system will provide simultaneous Gauge Correction, Camber Compensation and SPC data tracking and recording for welded tube production with wall thickness control within + / - 0.0005 of the desired target.

This is the second In-Line Gauge Control system purchased by Allied Tube from the combination companies of CJT and I2S. Bud Graham of Welded Tube Pros provided all application engineering for this and the previous Allied Tube project. Welded Tube Pros will provide engineering project support to both CJT and I2S for this project. For questions on In-Line Gauge Correction or to review your project application contact Bud Graham of Welded Tube Pros by email;

     Tel: 440-582-5006   Fax: 440-582-5255
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