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ESAB: Benefits of Orbital Tig Welding Range
ESAB Welding Equipment AB
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Company: ESAB Welding Equipment AB, Sweden
Attn: Sales dept

To enable fast, high quality, consistent, and repeatable welding of cylindrical components, UK-company ESAB has assembled a comprehensive range of orbital Tig welding equipment. In addition to numerous mechanised welding heads, the company also supplies power sources and accessories such as wire feed units.

An automated weld quality-assurance software package, branded Weldoc WMS4000, is used to monitor and document weld quality, with the program operating on an industrial laptop PC connected to the Prowelder or Protig power supply. Even if the weld parameters change during the execution of the weld, it is detected and recorded by the software, thereby ensuring that complete documentation is achieved fully automatically.

Industries using orbital Tig welding include nuclear, food, dairy and pharmaceuticals. Compared with manual Tig welding, mechanised orbital welding is faster and more consistent and repeatable, and once the parameters have been programmed, the welding equipment is remarkably easy to use. For flexibility and the option to use a filler wire, ESAB offers the A21 PRB family that comprises four clamp-on heads capable of welding tube outside diameters from 17 to 220mm. The PRB welding heads are available with either air or water-cooling and may be used with Mechtig, Prowelder or Protig power supplies.

If heavier tubes need to be welded, the A21 PRC welding heads have facilities for automatic arc control and weaving. Root beads and filler runs can be welded with no need for the operator to set the electrode gap manually, while the PRC heads are designed for use with Protig power supplies, and water-cooling is standard with these tools.

Within the food and pharmaceutical industry, where thin-walled stainless steel piping is commonly used, there is often a need to protect the weld from the negative effects of air. ESAB has therefore developed the A21 PRH enclosed tube-welding, available in two sizes to suit pipes from 6-40 or 25-90mm outside diameter. The clamping jaws are sized to suit the pipe diameter and the resulting enclosed space is filled with a shielding gas.

One of the accessories that users often employ to complement the welding heads is the MEI 21 wire feed unit. This is lightweight and easily portable, yet it can accept cost-effective 5kg spools of 0.6 or 0.8mm filler wire. In addition to its clamp-on range of orbital welding heads and accessories, ESAB offers the unique modular A25 system.

     Tel: +46 584-810 00   Fax: (+30-1) 7208110
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