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Sat, Jan 18, 2020, 13:10:27 ---- The fact: 42.844.000 visitors done.

CAGIL has delivered two Edge Milling Machines to Noksel
Cagil Makina A.S.
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Cagil Makina A.S., Turkey
Attn: Baki Cagil

CAGIL Edge Milling Machines are increasing weld quality
while decreasing scrap percentage with lower cost.

Two Edge milling machines have been delivered to Noksel-Iskenderun and Mounted on their PRD spiral mill.

no chip problem,
edge copying system by clamping the strip edge from three point Separetly.
cutter head diameter : 450 mm.
capacity : 25 mm from each side while x70 strip is moving 1.6 m/m
noise is less than 80 db.
x or y welding edge and its parameters can be set from the screen Panel by operator and machine adjust the position of strip Automatically.
all movements can be done automatically or under the control of Operator from operator panel.
machine delivered as ready to work complete with hydraulic, mcc and Operator panels.
chip conveyor is mounted on the machine.

For further information please contact:

Cagil Makina A.S.
- Addr: Ankara yolu P.K.:47 19001 CORUM, Turkey
- Tel: +90 364 235 01 40
- Fax: +90 364 235 01 39
- Email:
- Contact: Osman Baki Cagil

     Tel: +90 364 2350140   Fax: +90 364 2350139
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