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BG Awards Tenaris the Juno Contract
Tenaris Pipeline Services
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Tenaris Pipeline Services, , United States
Attn: Guillermo Moreno

The BG Group on behalf of the Juno Joint Development Team has awarded Tenaris a contract to supply 7,800 tons of seamless line pipe for the Juno project.

Tenaris, a leading supplier to the deepwater industry, will manufature 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 OD linepipe and bends in grade X60, with three layer polypropylene anti-corrosion coating. Tenaris will also install anode pads.

The Juno Project is a joint development of five gas fields in the Easington Catchment Area (ECA) of the Southern North Sea. Of the five fields, two are known as the Whittle and Wollaston fields. These are located approximately 15-20 km to the north west of the existing Cleeton platforms, forming the Whittle Hub.

A subsea manifold will be located at Whittle for the tie-in of the Whittle well(s) and the remote Wollaston well. The three remaining fields are known as Minerva, Apollo and Artemis. These are located between 15-20 km to the south west of the Cleeton platforms, forming the minerva Hub.

The Minerva Hub will be developed using a minimum facilities, normally unattended platform at Minerva with Apollo and Artemis tied back to the Minerva platform as subsea developments. The Minerva and Whittle Hubs will have dedicated pipelines to the ECA riser tower, arriving through pre-installed risers.

The field and exisitng infrastructure owners, BP, BG and Amerada Hess, have agreed to work under a Joint Development Agreement to develop these fields concurrently using a Joint Development Team. Tenaris will deliver the complete package during the first quarter of next year. BG is targeting first gas by the end of 2002.

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