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Bronx Taylor Wilson - 10 Roll Tube Straightener for Taiwan
Bronx Taylor Wilson
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Bronx Taylor Wilson, UK
Attn: Scott Miller

Tube Straightener specialists, Bronx Taylor Wilson Ltd have announced the latest addition to their growing installed base of 10 Roll Tube Straightening machines, a 10CR5 series machine which was recently shipped to one of their long standing customers, the precision tube manufacturer Shuan Hwa of Taiwan.

Shaun Hwa has been operating a Bronx Taylor Wilson 10CR4 series machine for the past 7 years. The high standard of quality, efficiency, reliability and low maintenance costs of this machine, coupled with the first class after sales service, proved key factors in Shuan Hwa's decision to entrust Bronx Taylor Wilson with the contract to supply this new straightening machine. The new equipment is to process alloy steel tubes with a diameter range up to 85mm at speeds of up to 90metres per minute.

The machine is supplied with the latest revision of Bronx Taylor Wilsons highly proven COMPASS Computer Aided Setting System which utilises the very latest in industrial electrical and electronic technology to provide the customer with consistently high quality product and throughput capacity with the added benefit that set up times for a size change have now been reduced to less than 5 minutes.

A concerted sales effort within Asia and the opening of a sales office in Shanghai helped lead to the award of this order. Bronx/Taylor-Wilson is hoping to capitalise further on plans to up-grade and revitalize the metal processing sector within this market.

     Tel: +44 (0)0874422686   Fax: +44 (0)8704422989
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