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BOSSI - New products for big s.s. welded tubes
Bossi S.r.l. - Macchine Finitura Metalli
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Company: Bossi S.r.l. - Macchine Finitura Metalli, , United States
Attn: Sales Dept.

Within the research and development of technologies more and more Customer oriented, BOSSI has recently designed and supplied a tube manufacturer with a set of new machines for finishing big stainless steel welded tubes, to be used in-line on a tube-mill with TIG welding system.

In this specific case, we would like to illustrate a planetary brushing machine Mod. PL 400/330 for working diameters up to 330 mm.: the machine is equipped with 2 brushes and the frame, properly dimensioned, holds the rotary drum mounted on ball bearings and controlled by inverter; the two brush opposite spindle groups are positioned on it, with motorised movement of approaching and retraction from the tube to be worked.
The weight of 5100 Kg. and the dimensioning of the machine allow a constant working, without vibrations.
Simple replacement of brushes thanks to the wide opening of the door with vertical sliding.
The machine can be installed on any tube-mill.

     Tel: +39-02-94964141   Fax: +39-02-9466265
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