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Eaton Leonard Tooling acquires Universal Tooling
Eaton Leonard Tooling
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Company: Eaton Leonard Tooling, CA, United States
Attn: Sales Dept.

Eaton Leonard Tooling (ELT), USA, has announced the acquisition of Universal Tooling in a move to meet the industrys growing demand for tube bending tooling.

With Universals quality manufacturing capability and their extensive knowledge of tube end forming, ELT now claims to be the most comprehensive tube bending and end forming tooling provider in the industry.

Now with an increased capability, ELTs aim is to provide the best quality bending and end forming solutions in the industry. ELTs president, Mr Paul Howard, has over 30 years experience in the tube bending industry, an experience that is now combined with the expertise of former Universal owner Mr Jeff Jacobs and his staff.

An ISO 9001 certified company, ELT was formed from Eagle Eaton Leonard in 2001, which had been designing and manufacturing bending tooling for more than 30 years. ELT has been experiencing 50 per cent growth per year since it was formed. With the acquisition of Universal, ELT now offer an expanded set of solutions including end-form tooling.

     Tel: 760-599-5009   Fax: 760-599-5010
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