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Fairfield Machine Company Appoints Vice President
Fairfield Machine Company, Inc.
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Company: Fairfield Machine Company, Inc., OH, United States
Attn: Steve Tesanovich in Houston

Fairfield Machine Company Appoints Steve Tesanovich as Vice President

For over fifty years, FMC has built an outstanding reputation as a top resource for finishing floor equipment to the leading producers of standard pipe, automotive and OCTG products. We have recently come to recognize that US companies can no longer discount the value associated with local content and regionalized service support for international projects so we have decided to implement a major change in our marketing strategy.

FMC with its rich history and wide range of proven technology has announced that it is undertaking a new marketing strategy which it feels is consistent with the changing worldwide supply of capital equipment. This strategy offers the benefits of our proven technology in the processing of tubular products and our project experience through strategic alliances and licensing opportunities to benefit our customer base.

We have recently engaged the services of Mr. Steve Tesanovich who will assume the role of Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Tesanovich brings over 30 years experience in the design and production of capital equipment used specifically for the production of tubular goods in many varied capacities. He has played a principle role in development of many overseas ventures in China, South America and Europe bringing important experience and contacts to our initiative. His extensive experience in production management, marketing of the products, and strategic alliances gives him a unique insight into the needs of the end producer, alliance partner or licensee.

This effort is not only to develop new avenues to service the overseas markets but just as importantly it will enhance and expand the services being offered to the domestic manufacturers who have supported Fairfield Machine Company over the years. The board of directors is committed to promoting the legacy of the company's founder, Mr. Alex Shashaty and his vision to offer the industry the best equipment solution to their production needs.

We look forward to actively promoting this initiative at the upcoming Tube and Pipe Show in Chicago, November 13-16. We look forward to feedback from the industry and welcome inquiries from all interested parties.

To view the complete offering of FMC please visit our website at or contact Mr. Tesanovich directly through our Houston office at 1-713-443-3033.

     Tel: 330-482-3388   Fax: 330-482-5052
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