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Sales Manager Appointment at AddisonMckee
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Company: Addison-McKee, United Kingdom
Attn: Peter Chapman

Already widely acknowledged as world leaders in the design, development and implementation of tube bending and end-forming technology for the global automotive industry, UK firm, AddisonMckee, has further strengthened its presence in the Eastern European marketplace via the appointment of Kashif Butt as Regional Sales Manager.

A mechanical engineer with both national and international sales experience, Kashif was previously employed by German-based TMC Consulting Gmbh as Head of Finance & Marketing for Eastern Europe.

Prior to this he was employed as a Manager with Texaco in Texas, USA, moving to the post from a leading Slovakian food company. "Having lived in Eastern Europe for a considerable time and even studying there Kashif brings substantial knowledge of the region and its cultures," commented Sales & Marketing Director, Peter Chapman. "His engineering credentials are extensive and he is fluent in most Eastern European languages, something that will enable him to fully appreciate his customers needs and provide the best possible tube bending solutions as the European motor industry continues to move eastwards in its search for greater manufacturing efficiency."

From their UK headquarters, AddisonMckees skilled workforce is capable of manufacturing CNC tube bending and tooling to suit virtually any application, large or small. The companys Preston site is equipped with a large variety of modern CNC machine tools supported by Computer Aided Manufacturing and up to 30 design engineers working with integrated TQM procedures.

AddisonMckee systems are also used for tube bending and end forming applications in the shipbuilding, aerospace, furniture, sports and hospital equipment industries. At its UK plant, AddisonMckee produces a range of over 50 basic hydraulic and electric CNC machines that can bend from 4mm pipes used in the automotive and aerospace industries to 273mm tubes used in shipbuilding. The company manufactures about 150 end-forming machines a year from its plant in the USA.

AddisonMckee machines are supported by a fast response round-the-clock spare parts and on-site assistance service manned by a team of skilled service engineers. With over 3,000 of its machines installed worldwide, AddisonMckee enjoys a global reputation for meeting and servicing its customers needs.

     Tel: +44 (0) 1772 334511   Fax: +44 (0) 1772 323227
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