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Roll-Kraft Applies the Personal Touch to Sales
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Company: Roll-Kraft, OH, United States
Attn: Sales

Roll-Kraft has increased its market share of international business by taking the time to send individually hand-written notes and letters to its database of foreign contacts. This attention to detail has lead to several orders and opportunities for future business by creating a relationship between the companies. Inquiries and orders have come from areas such as Japan, Poland, India, and countries in South America that had previously been difficult markets.

Roll-Kraft is a leading supplier of tooling, equipment, and services to tube & pipe and roll forming manufacturers and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Manufacturing and sending products to international customers has been part of Roll-Kraft's business for many years. Local representatives in various countries have been very beneficial with language issues, as well as being the on-site link in determining the requirements and best ways to meet the customers needs.

Roll-Kraft has always been very innovative in its approach to reaching new business and sharing its expertise and 45 years of experience in the industry. The recent market slow-down has called for exceptional efforts beyond normal creativity. A personal note, an upgraded website, and the continued vision to provide high quality products and exceptional engineering, with custom designs to meet individual specifications, has put Roll-Kraft ahead of smaller, less assertive rivals.

Roll-Kraft provides a full spectrum of services to roll forming and tube & pipe manufacturers. One of the most effective services is the design of tooling using FEA Copra software to identify problem areas before manufacturing even begins. In addition, Roll-Kraft uses materials and heat treating processes during manufacturing that are superior to those offered in many other countries, and make the tooling last longer.

About Roll-Kraft:

Roll-Kraft has its headquarters in Mentor, Ohio, and maintains offices in Frankfurt, Illinois (Roll-Kraft Northern) and Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada (Roll-Kraft Ltd.). The U.S. factory phone numbers are (440) 205-3100 and 888-953-9400. The fax number is (440) 205-3110. More information about Roll-Kraft products and services is available on the company website,

     Tel: 440-205-3100   Fax: 440-205-3110
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