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S.T. Europe signs distribution agreement with Hinoday
Superior Technologies Europe Ltd
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Superior Technologies Europe Ltd, United Kingdom
Attn: Peter Bond

Superior Technologies Europe Ltd. has recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Mahindra Hinoday Ind. Ltd. to distribute their new HR4B ferrite cores for HF welding.

HR4B material has been specially developed to exceed the performance of long-established ferrite cores available in the market today. The careful selection of high quality raw materials, together with precise manufacturing processes, ensures that HR4B ferrites give unparalleled performance in the tube welding application.

Only the highest specification sintering furnaces and analytical inspection equipment is utilised to maintain quality and monitor performance throughout the ferrite manufacturing process. Careful tooling design ensures accurate mechanical dimensions to achieve, high efficiency & low losses, save welding energy and concentrate HF power in the weld vee, thereby ensuring a high integrity weld zone.

Mahindra Hinoday offers the widest range of sizes from any ferrite manufacturer and also provides precision ferrites for applications where a specific size is required to fit inside an impedor assembly. These precision ferrites further increase efficiency in difficult welding applications.

Superior Technologies will exclusively distribute HR4B cores in Europe (including Turkey) and also the Russia continent.

Superior Technologies Europe Ltd

Mahindra Hinoday Industries Ltd.

     Tel: +44(0)1252 848688   Fax: +44(0)1252 848624
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