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AddisonMckee and Manchester Tool & Die: Global agreement
Mckee-Addison Tube Forming Inc
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Mckee-Addison Tube Forming Inc, OH, United States
Attn: Don Miller

Tube bending and endforming manufacturer AddisonMckee have made a global trading agreement with USA-based end-forming technologies manufacturer, Manchester Tool & Die Inc.

This latest relationship will allow AddisonMckee to provide purchasers of its smaller diameter tube bending models with the opportunity to invest in complete work cell solutions. AddisonMckee's export sales director, Mr Graham Wood says: "Manchester Tube & Die has a reputation for the manufacture of innovative small-size end-forming machines. By offering their technology in association with our own small diameter models, we'll provide all those who require highly accurate and repeatable small diameter tube bending with the benefits of leading edge technology and single source supply."

With this agreement now in place, AddisonMckee has further strengthened its standing in the field of small-scale tube bending and end forming technology particularly for the aeronautical, air-conditioning, power steering and furniture manufacture sectors. When added to their portfolio of models for medium and heavy-duty bending, the company is now better equipped to deliver total tube forming solutions.

AddisonMckee Inc, OH, USA

Manchester Tool & Die Inc, IN 46962, USA

     Tel: 937-382-4490   Fax: 937-382-4963
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