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Rotating Hot Saw for Pervouralsky Novotrubny Zavod
Kocks (Fredrich Kocks GmbH & Co.)
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Kocks (Fredrich Kocks GmbH & Co.), Germany
Attn: Jorg von der Heiden

The important Russian tube manufacturer Pervouralsky Novotrubny Zavod (PNTZ) has placed an order with Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co in Hilden / Germany for the supply of a rotating hot saw Type RHS 1000-10 for their Pervouralsk works, Region Jekaterinburg. More than 40 Kocks rotating hot saws are now in operation worldwide for cutting and cropping of hot rolled tubes.

The rotating hot saw will be installed behind the existing stretch reducing mill of the continuous tube mill. It is designed for cutting tubes to length between 6,0 and 23,0 m with tight cutting length tolerance. The dimensional range of the tubes is between 32 and 108 mm diameter with a wall thickness of up to 8 mm. The tube speed is max. 10 m/sec. The saw is equipped with the latest drive and control technology. The proven automatic discharge of the cropped tube head and tail ends is of particular importance for a trouble-free operation, smoother downstream production processes and most importantly for the overall tube quality.

The application of the rotating hot saw meets PNTZ's requirements for precise length tolerances and exact cutting of crop ends with excellent cutting quality and optimum operational safety.

The delivery is scheduled for the 4th quarter 2003.

     Tel: +49 - 2103 - 790 151   Fax: +49 - 2103 - 540 28
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