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Re-Engineered Business Model For Manchester Tool & Die
Manchester Tool and Die, Inc.
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Manchester Tool and Die, Inc., IN, United States
Attn: sales dept

Manchester Tool & Die, Inc. has re-engineered its business model, including machining processes, purchasing procedures and manufacturing and assembly operations. These changes have led to significant reductions in lead times and in cost reductions for the customer for both machines and tooling.

Machine components have been upgraded, including MTDs new programmable HMI (Human Machine Interface) controls, which are more labor and user-friendly, flexible and include diagnostics for machine maintenance. Many machine options that were formerly optional are now standard, creating savings for MTD that will pass to the customer. The company has also started purchasing and building components in bulk for stock to lower cost and reduce lead times. MTD has also invested in several new machines to help streamline the manufacturing process.

Terry Steffen, Sales Manager of Manchester Tool & Die, says, "e have always been proud of our ability to understand customer wants and needs and respond to those. But the re-engineering of our business model now adds layers of quality improvement and significant reductions in leads times and machine costs. In these demanding times those things can make a big difference."

For more information contact Manchester Tool & Die, Inc., 601 South Wabash Road, P.O. Box 326, North Manchester, IN 46962. Telephone: 260-982-8524, Fax: 260-982-4575. Website: E-mail:

     Tel: (260)982-8524   Fax: (260)982-4575
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