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EFD Induction Commissions World's Largest Induction Welder
EFD Induction Inc.
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Company: EFD Induction Inc., MI, United States
Attn: Weldac Sales Dept

Skien, Norway January 2006 - EFD Induction has again proven that they are the market-leader in high-powered, solid-state tube welding equipment. EFD Induction has successfully commissioned a 1,800 kW solid-state induction tube welder (Weldac 1800). The successful installation is now running at Baoshan Iron & Steel Company Ltd., Shanghai, the biggest Iron & Steel maker in China. The equipment produces pipes up to 24" in size with a wall thickness exceeding 3/4".

In addition to the induction welder, the installation includes two separate seam annealing sections of 2,400 kW each. The seam annealing systems perform annealing, Q&N (quenching and normalizing) and Q&T (quenching and tempering) with a total seam annealing power of 4,800 kW. The total installed annealing system consists of six 800 kW units, all equipped with fully automated orbital tracking systems to follow the weld seam.

EFD Induction, Europes No. 1 supplier of induction heat solutions, has been a forerunner in solid-state induction technology since the early 1980s when it developed and commercialized some of the worlds first transistorized systems. The companys Weldac welders (also known as ELVA welders) have become a major success in the Tube & Pipe industry, with nearly two hundred systems installed to date. The EFD Induction group consists of 14 companies in eight European countries, the US, China, and India. The parent company of the group is located in Skien, Norway.


Contact Person: Mr. Peter Runeborg
Company Name: EFD Induction a.s
Telephone Number: +47 3550-6000
Fax Number: +47 3550-6010
Email Address:
Web Site Address:

     Tel: +1-248-658-0700   Fax: :+1-248-658-0701
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