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EFD Induction Announces 5-Year Welder Warranty
EFD Induction a.s
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Company: EFD Induction a.s, Norway
Attn: Sales dept.

Skien, Norway, March 16, 2007 -- EFD Induction announces extended warranty for Tube-and-Pipe industry.

The arrival of EFD Induction's solid-state Weldac welder was a real event in the world of industrial welding. With its patented solution for utilizing robust IGBT transistors, the Weldac was welcomed as the reliable welder -- the productivity-boosting machine for pipes with an OD of 1/2" to 26".

Weldac's performance in the real world over the past few years has matched the launch hype -- the Weldac is now a proven solution that is helping companies around the world improve output, quality and profitability.

"The field data are now in" says EFD Induction CEO Eivin Jorgensen, "and the result is clear: Weldac boosts productivity. That's why we have the confidence to introduce this new, unique five-year warranty for Weldac inverter modules." The warranty covers all Weldac inverter modules, driver cards included.

The Weldac has had a big impact on Tube-and-Pipe welding. EFD Induction's patented switching technology brought the reliability of IGBT transistors to high-frequency welding. Traditionally, only sensitive MOSFET transistors could handle frequencies above 150 kHz. Thanks to Weldac, that's no longer the case.

For Jorgensen, the warranty is but the latest in a series of firsts for EFD Induction. "A lot of companies talk about 'innovation'. But we actually innovate, and put considerable energy into launching time- and money-saving solutions. And as this new warranty highlights, these are proven solutions -- tried, tested and approved by demanding customers in demanding industries."

EFD Induction is Europe's No. 1 and the world's No. 2 supplier of induction heat solutions, has been a forerunner in solid-state induction technology since the early 1980s, when it developed and commercialized some of the world's first transistorized systems. The companys Weldac welders (also known as ELVA welders) became a major success in the Tube & Pipe industry, with nearly two hundred systems installed to date. The EFD Induction group consists of 14 companies in eight European countries, the US, China, and India. The parent company of the group is located in Skien, Norway.

     Tel: +47-35 50 60 00   Fax: +47-35 50 60 10
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