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Company: United Suppliers For Engineering Materials, Jordan
Attn: Wadee Nasser
Dear Sir,

Glad to write you, hope you are fine & doing well, below please find a new inquiry For Seamless Condenser Tube for one of our large scale industrial clients, you are kindly requested to quote us your best fob & CFR prices to Baghdad/Iraq, shipping Cost & port of discharge, along with all sales condition (shortest delivery time, goods weight & volume, origin, best payment method-our client preference is COD) as soon as possible & before March 20, 04 with validity 90 days.

Priority will be given to first best prices offer.

Seamless Condenser Tube. Material: BsTF1

Aluminum-Brass Alloy conforming with ASTM B-111


Length: 9150mm

Outer Diameter: 25.4mm

Tube Wall Thickness: 1.245mm

Qty: : 12,000 EA (tubes)

Delivery Date: 15 May 2004 or earliest available.

If you cannot meet the requested delivery date, please provide earliest delivery possible.

Terms of Sale: CIF MOE Warehouse, Baghdad, Iraq

Important Points to be mentioned in your offer clearly:

1. Your quotation should include Ex-work prices, FOB/FCA cost (port name) & CFR/CPT cost Baghdad Air port/Iraq

2. Your offer should mentioned the shortest delivery time, goods weight & volume, origin, best payment method

3. Your quotation as soon as possible by e-mail as bellow , you can quote alternatives as long as it is equivalent, also you can quote partially if you cant quote for all.

4. Please indicate our ref in all correspondence: Q-2340

5. Please arrange to provide us by DHL 2 sets of your full technical catalogues or 2 CDs

6. Please advice us if you only quote our company for this inquiry exclusively or you have quoted other companies

7. Advice us by reply if you are free or have any operation in our market, as we are interesting for long term business relation based on exclusivity.

Your fast & positive response will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards

United suppliers for engineering materials

Amer bin malek st.

Khalda - qudah building

P.o.Box: 2444,Amman: 11821,Jordan

Tel.: +962 6 5560030

Fax: +962 6 5560040 Jordan / +1 801 327 0714 USA /

     Tel: +962 6 5560030   Fax: +962 6 5560040
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