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Wanted Tube and Pipe
Africa & Middle-East

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Company: Libya company for Engineering & Construction, Libya
Attn: Abd al-aziz mohamad
1,300 meters Pipe4 Sch 40 A-106Gr.B

NOTE : All above items shall be steel grade B in accordance with API 5L
Latest + ASTM A 106, Seamless.
1-Supplier to quote cif Ras lanuf shipment made on the first suitable vessel which is require with modem lifting loading gear and staffed with professional qualified stevedore
2- carriage on desk is strictly prohibited
3- semi hard wood is to be used to separate line pip joins o bundles
4- all pipe joints shall be coated with mill varnish

5-mill country and name to be indicated

6- line pipe process to be indicated

7- bevels to be 30 plus 5 minus 0 , 1/6" root face in accordance with
ASTM A 106.

8- end bevel production shall be provided.

9- in case of delivery shortage or excesses company will pay for material supplied with a deduction / addition based on the unite rates quoted.

10- All joints shall be between 11 and 12 meters long with an overall average per item shall be plus 4%minus 0% note : tolerance per item not individual lengths.

11- Suppliers to confirm that if the materials are not in full compliance with company is specifications then supplier shall take full responsibility and compensate libya for engineering accordingly.

12- All pipe to supplied to the specification NACE MR-01-75 being sulfide stress cracking resistance metallic materials for oil field equipment

13-Third party inspection required third party scope of inspection will include the Following and any other work deemed necessary to complete the work signed
manufacturers inspection certificate is required

a)Verification of mill certificates to ASTM A 106 Grade B /API 5LGradeB for the material mechanical properties and chemical composition , NDT tests and results.
b)Inspection of dimensions, heat numbers , surface condition and identification marks.
c)Monitoring of hydrostatic test.
d)Monitoring of rolling and heat treatment.
e)Inspection of corrosion protection / storage and coating to be applied.
f)Inspection of bevels in accordance with code requirement.
g)Checking o shipping making in accordance with the requirement of A106 Grade B /API 5L Grade B and manufacturers marking for all other items
i)Verification of material strength.

     Tel: 00218 21 490 3370   Fax: 00218 21 490 3370
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