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Wanted Tube and Pipe
Africa & Middle-East

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Company: E.O. Adele & Sons, Nigeria
Attn: Mr.Nkem Adele
dear sir,

i urgently need to buy the following materials below from your company. i want you to send to me your best prices for this items.

i await your urgent response.

best regards,

nkem adele
(for e.o.adele & sons)


(1) elbow, bw 4" 90 deg
sch120 a234 wpb
(qty 12)

(2) tee reducing 12"x 6"
sch xs/120 a234 wpb
(qty 1)

(3) reducer 6" x 4" bw
eccentric, sch 120 a234 wpb
( qty 1)

(4) socket, 3/4"
on 6", 6000#, sw a105
(qty 5)

(5) flange, 12" wn 900#
rj sch xs 12.7mm thk) a105
(qty 5)

(6) gasket, 4"
5000# rj octogonal soft iron (armco)
(qty 11)

(7) octogonal ring joint, soft iron armco 90 hb max. 12#
900# rj r57
(qty 3)

(8) studbolt, 1 3/8" dia x 285mm long
c/w2 heavy hexagon nuts,
matl studbolts astm a193 grade b7: nuts
astm a194 grade 2h,
both items to be zinc plated,
unc threads to ansi b1.1 & tolerances to b1.1 cl 2a for
studbolts & ansi b18.2.2 cl 2b for nuts.
(qty 50)

(9) valve, ball 4" 900# rj flanges, rb, a105 body, a105enp
ball, three pieces
spb, trunnion mounted, fire safe & anti-static, gear
box operated
all material production cert required.
(qty 2)

(10) 3/4" 1500# dbb ball valve sw a105 fb, 316 trim
(qty 2)

  Tel: 2348033133016  
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