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Company: Private consultant, Ghana
Attn: Samuel Ansah Owusu
Attn: Sir,

We are mandated by the Structural Engineering
Department of the Ghana railway Corporation [GRC] to source for buyers of Used Rail Scrap R50 & R65 metals of grade HMS1&2 in used TRAIN RAIL as well as used COPPER CABLES for clearance sale at very auction prices.

We serve as a commission agent to the seller and would be glad to introduce you to the accredited marketing company for disposing of the used rail parts in large quantities which have been offered to us in the capacity of a consulting firm to source interested buyers for the scrap for contractual buying of up to Sixty Thousand Metric Ton Monthly (60,000mt/Mth.) over a period of time or more depending on the outcome of your negotiations and understanding as per price and general modus operandi.

The clearance sale is necessitated by the impending privatization of the Railway Corporation and the need to congest the rail yards in preparation for the privatization. Be informed that the prices are negotiable; Site inspection and physical verification of materials is allowed before signing of contract. It is pertinent to let you know that you will have to visit the yard for inspection, and signing of the contract.

We also have 300 kilos of Alluvial Gold Dust available in stock for sale. Our price is not only competitive but extremely moderate and the best in the market.Should you be interested, please contact us for full corporate offer.

We have 2 parcels of high quality Rough (uncut)
Diamond Gems of various specifications. The stones come in carat weights ranging from 1.0 carat pieces up to 37 carat pieces. These stones are of clarities ranging from FL to VVS1-2, VS1-2 and some S1. Colors are predominantly D-E-F-G-H-I and few J. The stones are mostly of shape sawable 1-2, makeable 1-2 and some Flat. If you have interest in these products then let me know so I can send you the current manifest of the parcels.

In case you are in need of any other scrap not
mentioned above, please kindly inform us to assist you with the sellers within our location. In case you are not in position to buy, you can still stand as a middleman and have your commission after linked us with buyer within your location as well should you have an interest in purchase by yourself, we shall go into details of the sales purchase agreement nevertheless if other wise then an acknowledgment of receipt of this mail shall be well appreciated.

I am looking forward to doing business with you and hoping to hear from you soonest. Email:

Kind Regards,

Mr. Samuel Ansah Owusu

  Tel: +233249577577  
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