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Company: Yizheng Haitian Aluminum Industrial Co.,Ltd., China
Attn: Susan
Yizheng Haitian Aluminum Industrial is one of the largest stockist and manufacturers of Al tubes in China, with 40 years experience in this line. The registered brand of YHAICs products is Haitian

We are good at producing seamless tubes and extruding fin tubes which are widly used in air condition,refrigerator,heatexchager,condenser , air compressed machine ect.
The OD of the seamless tubes is from 6mm to 60mm and the wall thickness is from 0.4mm to 5mm.
The fin height is range from 0 to 16mm(or the OD of the fin is from 20mm to 65mm),the distance of the fin is range from 2.0 to 5.0 mm .The fin tube also can be compounded used with carbon steel tube,stainless steel tube,copper tube,and titanium tubes.
Stable chemical composition,good straghtness,standard hardness temper,precise dimensions and tolerance ,largest supply capability,long term business would be highly appreciated.

Best regards

Yizheng Haitian Aluminum Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Address:45# West Yangzi Road,Yizheng,Jiangsu,PR.China
Contact person:Ms.Wang
Mobil No.:0086 139 142 691 61

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