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Wanted Tube and Pipe
Africa & Middle-East

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Company: Pipegostar Co., Iran
Attn: Mohsen Mehrtash
Dear Sirs

Pipe Gostar is an Iranian Pipe and related products reseller, working in Tehran Metal Market. We offer and supply steel Pipe for Gas and Oil piping project, specially for south of Iran.
Now, we are looking Items described here.

1line pipe seamless 8" diameter sch 80 api 5l x522650 m
2line pipe erw api 5l grade b 6" diameter 4.37 mm wall thickness20000 m
3line pipe erw api 5l grade b 8" diameter 4.8 mm wall thickness15000 m
4line pipe erw api 5l grade b 10" diameter 5.4 mm wall thickness15000 m
5line pipe erw api 5l grade b 12" diameter 6.3 mm wall thickness5000 m
6line pipe erw api 5l grade b 20" diameter 6.4 mm wall thickness19000m
7gate valve; flg"d 4" - 3000 psi api 6d full condouit2
8gate valve; flg 6" - 3000 psi api 6d full condoct2
9gate valve; flg 6" - 5000 psi api 6d full condoct2
10reducer conc_cs -iigh yfeld. wphy 5l td mss-sp-76. match pipe 6"*8"2
1145" elbow. cs.h gh y elg wphy 52 to mss-sp-75 w.r 14.3 mm 6"2
1290" elbow. gr.b n_t.1.02 mm cs to astm a234 gr wpe tc asme b16.9 4"2
13stone 1 rap (ccmpl as det_ailed) 6"2

We need Item one Urgently ( Maximum in 50 days)
Items 1, 7-12 should be made in east Europe, Japan or Korea.
Items 2-6 shuld accaptable by Iran Gas Company.

I will appreciate if you will inform me soon about this items or part of them which you can offer.

Sincerely yours

Mohsen Mehrtash
Sales Manager
2004 october

     Tel: +98 21 6295423   Fax: +98 21 6295424
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